"Russ & Ed, I just wanted to send this email to say thank you to you and your team for a job well done at 1450 Waverley. I can say without a doubt that the workmanship and professionalism displayed by your employees onsite was second to none. The guys required very little supervision to do very high quality work - we have had nothing but compliments from our clients on how good the building looks and I ow a lot of that to your team. They were extremely easy to deal with and worked hard to make it happen for us so please accept this as a thank you from Ehvert to your team for the hard work and helping us achieve our milestone."
— Chris Johnston, Ehvert Mission Critical

"Tri Clad Designs supplied and installed all roof and floor deck and steel studs for the Winnipeg Convention Centre Expansion Project in 2014 as a subcontractor to Supreme Steel. Tri Clad Designs was an excellent service provider and performed their duties admirably throughout the project. The team was upfront about schedule and met all of its obligations, even in the face of a number of scheduling challenges presented by the project itself. When a challenge of any sort was presented to them, Tri Clad responded with solutions. The get-it-done attitude of Tri Clad's field crew was very important to our success on this project. The crew was very easy to work with, and our own Construction Manager has commented numerous times that he was very impressed with this crew's work ethic. I recommend Tri Clad Designs, and expect that they will contribute to the success of your project, just as they did to ours."
— Paul Fraser, Project Manager, Supreme Steel